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Blog Post Twelve Parasites Of Christmas Celebrating The Year-End Postings from Parasite of the Day, A Blog Inspired by the International Year of Biodiversity Blog Post New Research Shows Dolphin By-Catch Includes Genetic Relatives Genetics of Net Entanglement Has Implications for Small Cetacean Conservation Blog Post Dracula Orchids and Goblin Spiders Celebrating Hauntingly Photogenic Natural History And Research from the Division of Invertebrate Zoology Blog Post Polar Bears Can't Eat Geese Into Extinction New Statistical Model Demonstrates That Trophic Mismatch Feeds Bears Without Exterminating Snow Geese Blog Post New Trove of Fossils Suggests Global Distribution of Tropical Forest Ecosystems in the Eocene Vast Amber Deposit From India Described By International Team Blog Post New Discoveries in North America's Great Plains Bring Ammonites to Life Insight Into Ammonite Life History From Well-Preserved "Oases in Water" Blog Post Oldest Evidence of Dinosaurs Found in Polish Footprints Dinosaur Lineage Emerged Soon After Massive Permian Extinction Blog Post Scientific Understanding of T. Rex Revised by a Decade of New Research and Discovery Tyrannosaurs are More Than Large Carnivores at the Top of the Food Chain Blog Post Strange Predatory Dinosaur from Europe's Late Cretaceous Described by Romanian and U.S. Paleontologists New Velociraptor Relative Had Stocky Limbs and Two Claws on its Feet Blog Post New Research on Rapidly-Disappearing Ancient Plant Offers Hope for Species Recovery Genetic Analysis of Guam's Cycads Shows Promising Genetic Diversity Blog Post Rain of Giant Gas Clouds Create Active Galactic Nuclei New Research Explains How Galaxy Centers Light Up Blog Post New Approach Helps Teachers Integrate Conservation Biology Into High School Ecology Classes Study Shows Real Data and Relevant Video Presentations Make Environmental Issues Come Alive in Classroom
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