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Denton S. Ebel

Denton Ebel

Division Chair and Curator, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Division of Physical Sciences
Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School

Curriculum Vitae (short version)


  • Purdue University, Ph.D., 1993
  • Purdue University, M.S., 1988
  • Harvard College, B.A., 1982

Research Interests

Dr. Ebel is a geologist specializing in meteorites: pieces of planets and "left-overs" from the formation of the solar system. The distant, resource-rich asteroid belt is his field area. He develops thermodynamic models describing the outcomes of condensation, evaporation, and crystallization processes. Dr. Ebel is a leader in combining electron beam image analysis of surface chemistry (2D) with x-ray CAT-scan 3-dimensional imaging to obtain comprehensive information about extraterrestrial samples that yield clues to the origin of the solar system. His group analyzes data from the MESSENGER mission to Mercury, comet samples from the Stardust mission, and the geochemistry of samples from the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary.


(2013) Mineral processing by short circuits in protoplanetary disks. McNally C.P., A. Hubbard, M-M. Mac Low, D.S. Ebel, and P. D'Alessio. Astrophysical J Letters 767: L2-7 (arXiv:1301.1698)

(2013) Metal veins in the Kernouv√© (H6 S1) chondrite: Evidence for pre- or syn-metamorphic shear deformation. Friedrich J. M., A. Ruzicka, M. L. Rivers, D. S. Ebel, J. O. Thostenson, R. A. Rudolph. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 116: 71-83. (dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2013.01.009)

(2012) Properties of original impactors estimated from three-dimensional analysis of whole Stardust tracks. Greenberg, M., and D. S. Ebel Meteoritics and Planetary Science 47: 634-648. 

(2012) Thermochemical stability of low-iron, manganese enriched olivine in astrophysical environments. Ebel, D.S. and M. K. Weisberg. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 47: 585-593.

(2011) The major-element composition of Mercury's surface from MESSENGER x-ray spectrometry. Nittler, L. R., R. D. Starr, S. Z. Weider, T. J. McCoy, W. V. Boynton, D. S. Ebel, C. M. Ernst, L. G. Evans, J. O. Goldsten, D. K. Hamara, D. J. Lawrence, R. L. McNutt Jr., C. E. Schlemm II, S. C. Solomon, and A. L. Sprague. Science 333: 1847-1850.

Teaching Experience

Faculty Appointments

  • AMNH Masters of Arts in Teaching Program
  • Adjunct Graduate Faculty, CUNY Graduate School and University Center, Ph.D. Program in Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Courses Taught

Graduate Advisees

  • A. Ansari, Columbia U. (Earth & Environ. Sci.)
  • E. Crapster-Pregont, Columbia U. (Earth & Environ. Sci.)
  • J. Bigolski, CUNY (Earth & Environ. Sci.)

Graduate Committees

  • C. McNally, Columbia U. (Astronomy)
  • A. Buono, Columbia U. (Earth & Environmental Sci.)

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