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George Amato

Director, Conservation Genomics, Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics
Affiliated Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School

(212) 769-5736
(212) 769-5292
Curriculum Vitae (short version)
  • Education

      • Yale University, Ph.D., 1994
      • Yale University, M.S.
      • Yale University, M.Phil.
      • University of Connecticut, B.S., 1978 
  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

      Dr. Amato's current research interests include genetic threats associated with habitat fragmentation in endangered species, molecular ecology, taxonomic and phylogenetic questions related to determining units of conservation, using molecular markers for assessing priority areas for biodiversity conservation, non-invasive sampling techniques for endangered species and monitoring the trade in endangered species products using DNA based forensic science. Dr. Amato has participated in research activities worldwide, including research in Cuba, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania, Malaysia, China and Peru. He has published and lectured extensively on conservation strategies for endangered species and especially on using molecular analyses to determine conservation priorities.

  • Publications

  • Teaching Experience

    Teaching Experience