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Paul Nascimbene

Fossil Insect Research, Preparation

  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

      Paul C. Nascimbene, Paleoentomological Research Assistant to David A. Grimaldi, heads up the Fossil Insect Lab.  Paul conducts laboratory and field research on ancient organisms preserved in amber and sedimentary rock, as well as on the physicochemical nature of amber as a fossil substance.  He developed the vacuum-embedding method now used for close preparation and long-term conservation of amber specimens in museum collections (Nascimbene and Silverstein, 2001), and he continues to generate sophisticated protocols for studying and processing fossil resins. Paul has recently participated in several AMNH Expeditions to western India (January 2009, 2010 and 2012) to excavate 52 million-year-old Eocene amber from four localities. He also recovered Triassic amber from the Dolomites of northern Italy (June 2011), as well as Late Cretaceous amber from the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota (June 2010). Paul has previously participated in AMNH paleontological expeditions to Wyoming and to both southern and northern Alaska, and has even excavated Cretaceous amber from the wilds of central New Jersey.  Paul is past President of the New York Paleontological Society.

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