AMNH Library Virtual Resources

Make your own discoveries in the Museum’s Archives while the Museum is temporarily closed. We’ve assembled the following list of resources that will allow Museum enthusiasts and researchers alike to lead virtual expeditions into our history, collections and research. The Library staff are constantly enriching our online holdings with additional digitized content, so check back often for new resources.

Archival Authorities

  • Archival authority records - Created by Museum archivists, these illuminating descriptions of Museum subjects are based solely on Museum-published resources and serve as connecting points to resources throughout the Archives. These records link to each other and to associated records throughout the Library’s catalogs, creating a rich web of relationships that provide the structure and context for the archives. This is a growing knowledge repository that is being refined and enriched over time.
    • Exhibition Hall Authorities (current and historic Halls) - Learn about your favorite exhibition halls and the permanent exhibitions that preceded them over the Museum's history.
    • Temporary Exhibition Authorities (historic) - Learn about the many temporary exhibitions held throughout the Museum's history.
    • Expedition Authorities (mostly historic) - Read authoritative descriptions of historic scientific expeditions led by the Museum.
    • People Authorities - Discover the scientists, artists, administrators and staff who help together the story and preserve legacy of the Museum.


  • AMNH Scientific Publications - Explore over one hundred years of the Museum staff and associated authors' scientific output, free online and up to date to the current issue.
    • The Novitates (Latin for "new acquaintances"), published continuously and numbered consecutively since 1921, are short papers that contain descriptions of new forms and reports in zoology, paleontology, and geology.
    • The Bulletin, published continuously since 1881, consists of longer monographic volumes in the field of natural sciences relating to zoology, paleontology, and geology.
    • The Anthropological Papers, published continuously since 1907, are monographic volumes that include some of the great ethnographies of the 20th century, particularly on North American Indians.
    • The Memoirs, published at irregular intervals, but often out of chronological sequence, from 1893 until 1930, were monographic works focusing on scientific topics requiring exhaustive treatment.

Science Archives

  • Digitized Scientific Manuscripts - A wide selection of digitized manuscripts from the Library and Scientific Archives of the Museum, online and ready for reading.
  • Field Notes - Observations by AMNH scientists written in their own hand while working in the field, making discoveries, recording their work and documenting their surroundings.

Popular Publications

  • American Museum Journal (1900-1918) and Natural History Magazine (1919-2000) - The Museum's popular magazines that detail the history of the Museum's expeditions, personalities, and exhibitions over the entire 20th century.
  • Science Guides, Guide Leaflets and Handbooks - Historic AMNH publications from throughout the Museum's history on topical subjects show how the Museum has grown over its 150 year history.
  • Nature and Science - The Museum's historic publication for young people explains scientific concepts and offers instructions for hands-on activities and experiments.
  • RotundaThe Museum's newsletter, available from 1977’s first issue to the latest, contains information on exhibitions and programs from around the Museum.
  • Grapevine - Published from 1937-1993, the Museum’s chatty staff newsletter provides a breadth of information on staff activities, from publications, to marriages, births, vacations, appointments and more. A rich and humorous source for biographical information on scientists, artists and other Museum staff and on general goings on around the Museum.
  • Other Museum Publications - Delve into an assortment of Museum publications, digitized for access.

Image Archive

  • Digital Special Collections - Dig into the Archives' extensive collection of historic and current photography documenting the Museum's activities and collections, including selections from the Library's world renowned Rare Book Collection. Collections and Exhibits provide curated image groups, or use the search tool to direct your own exploration.