eBook User Information

The Library is pleased to now offer eBooks, in addition to print books, for use by Museum staff and students.  eBooks can be found in the Library Catalog by searching for either the title or author of the book. The eBook can be accessed by clicking on the link in the catalog record for the book.

Library catalog record for an eBook

eBooks can be accessed from off-site, although you will be required to authenticate prior to accessing the book, just like when authenticating to access other licensed online resources. A view of the authentication page is just below.

Library authentication login page

Once authenticated, you will see the eBook detailed record and can read the book by selecting your preferred format (PDF or ePub) using the links in the left column.

example of an eBook information page

After making the selection, you will now be able to see the book in the Ebsco eBook Viewer, which includes tools that allow you to view the contents of an eBook, search within the text of the eBook, and download select pages/chapters. The Library partners with Ebsco for eBook purchases and access.

Example of the eBook viewer
  • Contents - Click to view the Table of Contents for the eBook title you are reading.
    • Publisher Permissions - The Publisher Permissions indicator displays the number of pages that can be printed or saved, whether copy/paste functionality is allowed, and whether the eBook can be downloaded to read offline. When printing/saving is allowed, the number of available pages is updated as you print or save eBook pages to your computer.
    • eBook Availability - The eBook Availability indicator displays the number of copies currently available from your institution.
    • Chapter Download - Click the Download icon to download a chapter of the eBook title you are viewing.
  • Search Within - Click to search for terms within the eBook.

Please note that eBooks that are read online are considered "checked out" and will not be available to other members of the AMNH until your online reading session has ended or after an "inactivity period" of 30 minutes.  You can revisit any book and make downloads as much as you like.

Ebsco also has additional instructions on printing, e-mailing and saving eBooks as PDFs and reading in Ebsco's interfaces

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or need further help with eBooks!