Alex Moore

Alex Moore, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow. CBC. Staff profile image

Visiting Scientist

Research Interests

Alex Moore, PhD, is an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow jointly appointed with the Center for Biodiversity Conservation and the Education Department. Their work focuses on how predator-prey interactions impact the health and functioning of wetland ecosystems. Alex is expanding this work to incorporate a diversity, equity, and inclusion perspective, exploring the social and cultural implications of habitat restoration and conservation. Alex also teaches Conservation Biology to high school students in the Museum's After School Program and helps to coordinate the Education Department’s Science Research Mentoring Program. Alex serves as a mentor in this program, working with two students to develop an ecologically and culturally-relevant research program in coastal wetlands within the Pacific Islands. Alex received their Ph.D. in Forestry and Environmental Studies from Yale University and their Masters and Bachelors in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan.