Charles Liu

College of Staten Island, CUNY

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I am an associate professor of astrophysics, and director of The Verrazano School (a local honors school-within-a-school thing) at the College of Staten Island, City University of New York.

I am also an Associate in Astrophysics with the Department of Astrophysics and Hayden Planetarium at the Museum.

I used to be a Research Scientist at, and have a soft spot for, Barnard College and its Dept of Physics and Astronomy.

There are some very cool folks at the Department of Astronomy at Columbia University.

Research Interests

I work primarily on observational galaxy evolution, primarily the star formation histories of field galaxies. This includes the spectrophotometric study of starburst galaxies, post-starburst objects, and colliding, merging, and interacting galaxies. I've also dabbled in quasar-hunting, strictly avocationally.
A large project I'm active in is a Hubble Space Telescope Treasury Program called COSMOS.


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