Jessica Ware

Division Chair

Principal Investigator, Institute for Comparative Genomics

Associate Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School

Image of Jessica Ware

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Curator-in-Charge: Dr. Jessica Ware ([email protected])

Collections Assistant: Ruth Salas

Curatorial Assistant: Brittney Hahn


2001, Bachelor of Science, University of British Columbia, Department of Zoology

2008, Doctor of Philosophy, Rutgers University, Department of Entomology

Research Interests

Jessica Ware is an Associate Curator and the current Division Chair in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History. Dr. Ware’s research focuses on the evolution of behavioral and physiological adaptations in insects, with an emphasis on how these occur in Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) and Dictyoptera (termites, cockroaches and mantises). Her research group focuses on phylogenetics/phylogenomics and uses these tools to inform their work on reproductive, social and flight behaviors in insects.

Jessica holds a BSc from the University of British Columbia in Canada, and a PhD from Rutgers, New Brunswick. She was an NSF postdoctoral fellow at the AMNH 2008-2010, before being hired at Rutgers Newark where she was an associate professor of evolutionary biology. She is the current president of the Worldwide Dragonfly Association, and serves as an elected board member on the executive committee of the Entomological Society of America Governing Board. She was recently awarded a PECASE medal from the US government for her work on insect evolution.

Postdocs: Dr. Manpreet Kohli, Dr. Lacie Newton, Dr. Laura Gonzalez

Students: Anna Eichert, Aaron Goodman, Rin Krichilsky, Salk 'Tuwa Mafla, Rebecca Jean Millena, Ethan Tolman, Rhema Uche Dike

World Dragonfly Association

Entomological Society of America


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Teaching Experience

Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School (2020-present)

Adjunct Professor, City College of New York (2020-present)

Professor, Rutgers University, Newark (2010-2019)


1. Jayshree Patel (Master’s student, Rutgers Newark; transferred to U Florida) 

2. Melissa Sanchez Herrera (PhD student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2016) 

3. Manpreet Kohli (Master’s student, NJIT, Defended Summer 2012) 

4. Manpreet Kohli (PhD student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2019, now Postdoc)

5. Dominic Evangelista (PhD student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2016) 

6. Will Kuhn (PhD student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2016)

7. Daniel Awari (Ms. Student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2012)

8. Jay Jeswal (Ms. Student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2013) 

9. John Deyrup (Ms. Student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2013)

10. Dan Troast (Ms. Student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Spring 2016)

11. Megan Wilson (PhD Student, Rutgers Newark, ongoing)

12. Denise Geramello (PhD Student, Rutgers New Brunswick, Defended Spring 2019)

13. Veronica Williamson (MSc Student, Rutgers New Brunswick; left program)

14. Laura Gonzalez (PhD student, Rutgers New Brunswick, now Postdoc)

15. Nene Ugbah (PhD Student, Rutgers Newark; left program)

16. Stephanie Mafla Mills (PhD Student, Rutgers Newark, ongoing)

17. Jack Kellogg (Ms. Student, Rutgers Newark, Defended Fall 2019)

18. Anna Eichert (Student)

19. Aaron Goodman (Student)

20. Rin Krichilsky (Student)

21. Slak 'Tuwa Mafla (Student)

22. Rebecca Jean Millena (Student)

23. Ethan Tolman (Student)

24. Rhema Uche Dike (Student)

Committee Member

1. Anna Runemark (PhD student, Lund University, Sweden, 2012) 

2. Caroline Devan (Ph. D student, Rutgers Newark, 2015) 

3. Amanda Purwar (Ph.D. student, Rutgers New Brunswick, 2015) 

4. Gyanpriya Maharaj (PhD student, University of S. Missouri, 2016)

5. Anthony Brusa (Ph.D. student, Rutgers, Newark, 2015) 

6. Tingmin Wu (Ms. Student, Rutgers Newark, 2011) 

7. John Francois (PhD student, Rutgers Newark,2014)

8. Nathalie Johannsson (Undergraduate Baccalaureate, Halmstad University, Sweden, 2014)

9. Anna Deichman (Undergraduate  Baccalaureate, Mainz University, Germany, 2015)

10. Elenor Nordvisk (Undergraduate Baccalaureate, Halmstad University, Sweden, 2015)

11. Julian Rondon (Ph.D student, Rutgers Newark, ongoing) 

12. Sahil Wadhwa, (Ph.D student, Rutgers Newark, 2017)

13. Courtney Rockenbach (Ph.D student, Rutgers Newark, ongoing)

14. Rebecca Panko (Ph.D student, Rutgers Newark, ongoing)

15. Sean Fan (Ph.D student, NJIT, ongoing)