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Cardinals Living in Adjacent Deserts are Sharply Distinct in Genetics and Song New research investigates whether dialect differences might indicate new species. December 14, 2018 Haa’yuups, Renowned Nuu-chah-nulth Artist and Cultural Historian, Named Co-Curator in Restoration of Historic Northwest Coast Hall Nuu-chah-nulth artist and cultural historian Haa’yuups appointed as co-curator of the multi-year Northwest Coast Hall update. October 15, 2018 Live Butterflies Return to Enchant Visitors The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter returns to the American Museum of Natural History. September 14, 2018 Study Illuminates Genes Behind Beautiful "Glow" of Bermuda Fireworms New research finds unique enzyme powers bioluminescent fireworms’ mating swarm. August 8, 2018 American Museum of Natural History Unveils Updated Climate Change Content in Hall of Planet Earth Comprehensive update of climate change exhibit features media wall and interactives based on latest scientific data. July 2, 2018 Study Signals Dramatic Change in the Way Ancient Diets are Calculated New research on plant-eating mammals finds key value in carbon isotope analyses is not constant, changes with body size. June 27, 2018 Five New Species of Snail-sucking Snakes Discovered New AMNH-led research discovers five new species of snail-sucking snakes in Ecuador and Peru. June 14, 2018 Researchers Build Most Comprehensive Tree of Life for Malaria Parasites A new study led by the American Museum of Natural History puts forth the most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites to... May 23, 2018 First an Alga, Then a Squid, Enigmatic Fossil is Actually a Fish A fossil slab discovered in Kansas 70 years ago and twice misidentified—first as a green alga and then as a cephalopod—has been reinterpreted... April 16, 2018 Unseen Oceans Opens at the American Museum of Natural History In the American Museum of Natural History’s new exhibition Unseen Oceans, visitors will embark on a journey that takes them from... March 12, 2018 Tracking Endangered Mammals with the Leeches that Feed on Them A broad survey conducted across southern Asia reinforces the idea that the mammal biodiversity of an area can be determined by looking... February 27, 2018 Researchers' Computer Model Predicts Which Organisms are Capable of Phagocytosis A team of American Museum of Natural History researchers has created a computational model capable of predicting whether or not organisms... February 20, 2018
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