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Sweeping modern exterior of the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation.
Alvaro Keding/© AMNH

Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation

Hailed internationally as a soaring architectural achievement, and housing world-class scientific research facilities, next-generation classrooms, and innovative exhibitions, the Museum’s highly anticipated Gilder Center will open to the public on May 4, 2023. 

Growing Up Trilobite New study describes growth rate of one of the most common and abundant trilobites. July 15, 2020 Tiny Ancient Relative of Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Discovered New study suggests a miniaturized origin for some of the largest animals ever to live on earth. July 6, 2020 AMNH Requests the Equestrian Statue on Central Park West Be Moved The Museum has requested that the Equestrian Statue, which sits on NYC public park land in front of its entrance, be moved. June 21, 2020 First Dinosaurs Laid Soft-Shelled Eggs New study suggests that hard-shelled eggs evolved at least three times in dinosaur family tree. June 17, 2020 AMNH Launches Ology Science App for Kids New iPad app offers fun and educational science games and resources for children of all ages. June 16, 2020 AMNH Launches New Virtual Field Trips New virtual field trips for online classroom or at-home learning. June 8, 2020 Shining Light on Sleeping Cataclysmic Binaries Study supports contested 35-year old predictions, shows that observable novae are just "tip of the iceberg". March 25, 2020 Is Niagara Falls a Barrier Against Fish Movement? Study shows that fishes above and below Niagara Falls are unlikely to interbreed. March 24, 2020 Mosaic Evolution Painted Lorikeets a Rainbow of Color A new study examines how color evolved in one of the flashiest groups of parrots—Australasian lorikeets. February 26, 2020 Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals Will Open Fall 2020 Re-envisioned halls will present the current science of mineral formation and showcase spectacular new specimens. February 26, 2020 DNA from Ancient Packrat Nests Helps Unpack Earth's Past New study uses environmental DNA sequencing technique to show ecological changes since last ice age. February 20, 2020 Citizen Scientists Discover Rare Cosmic Pairing Citizen scientists have uncovered a bizarre pairing of two brown dwarfs. February 14, 2020
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