Degenerates in Astronomy

Part of Speaker Series for Teachers

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

An audience looks up at three bright, splotchy depiction of the Milky Way inside the Hayden Planetarium. Matt Shanley/© AMNH

Join us for a special evening for educators with Jackie Faherty, senior scientist at the Museum.

About this presentation, Faherty writes: "The word degenerate has many meanings.  It may refer to a person that is cruel.  There is certainly a fair share of that in the science world that anyone navigating a career will have to overcome.  In this talk I will describe my own path through science and how I powered through moments where degeneracy was encountered.  On the science side, the word degenerate means something very different.  My scientific expertise is focused on studying objects that are classified as having a degenerate core: or a core that is packed so tightly it can’t shrink any further. These brown dwarfs bridge the gap between stars and planets and are revolutionizing how we understand atmospheres beyond our own.   In this talk I will also show a suite of data from degenerate astronomical objects obtained from the James Webb Space Telescope."

This is a free online event for teachers. One hour of CTLE credit is available.