Saturday, April 22, 2023

A hand holding a solid glass orb. Trees, blue sky and clouds are refracted through the orb on a bright, sunlit day. Courtesy of M. Palmer/Unsplash
EarthFest returns on-site for Earth Day 2023 to celebrate our greatest resource—our planet!  

Join us for a full day of family-friendly activities, performances, and lectures showcasing local and international efforts devoted to preserving planet Earth. 

10 am–4 pm 
Activity stations will be available from 10 am through 4 pm.
Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

10:30 am (also at 11:30 am, 2 pm, 3 pm)
Performance: Ants by Polyglot Theatre
Milstein Hall of Ocean Life 

Life-sized ants take over the Museum’s galleries, inviting children to explore their dynamic world through movement, sound, and play. This performance creates community through exploration and encourages young audiences to discover the fascinating life of these tiny insects.   

11:30 am
SciCafe Teen Takeover
Cullman Hall of the Universe  

Join young scientists from New York City as they discuss what we can do to help protect our planet. Teens from the NY Harbor School and the Museum's Science Research and Mentoring Program (SRMP) share their work on topics such as urban farming, waterfront edge design, biodiversity loss, and Climate patterns. Engage with the teen researchers in smaller groups to learn more about their experiences and ask questions about their fields. 

*ASL interpretation will be offered for this program.  

12:30 pm (also at 2:30 pm)
Interactive Lecture: How do Scientists Help Conserve the Planet? Come hear all about it from two conservation scientists!
Hall of Planet Earth

Felicity Arengo and Ana Porzecanski from the Museum’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation will share stories and fascinating facts about the biodiversity of Latin America in a short, interactive presentation about how their work helps protect species, ecosystems, and the people who depend on them. 

A conversation for the whole family and ¡en español!

¿Cómo Ayudan los Científicos al Planeta? ¡Ven a enterarte con dos científicas de la conservación! 

La Dra. Felicity Arengo y la Dra. Ana Porzecanski del Centro para la Biodiversidad y Conservación del Museo compartirán historias y hechos fascinantes sobre la biodiversidad de América Latina en una breve presentación interactiva sobre cómo su trabajo ayuda a proteger las especies, los ecosistemas y las personas que dependen de ellos. Una conversación para toda la familia.

1 pm
Lecture: Back to the Future: Insights into Future Climate Change
Cullman Hall of the Universe 

Join Kira Lawrence, Markle Professor of Geology at Lafayette College and a paleoclimatologist, to learn about how her research into past climate conditions can help us better understand how our planet is reacting to increased levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  

*ASL interpretation will be offered for this program. 

Download the Earthfest Program in Spanish.

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This program is generously supported by the Abel Shafer Public Program Fund, a fund created by the Arlene B. Coffey Trust to honor the memory of Abel Shafer. 

Polyglot is working in partnership with Inlet Dance Theatre to deliver this season. Polyglot Theatre is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.