SciCafe: The Tiniest Dinosaurs

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

A photograph of Roger Benson, paleontologist, next to a large dinosaur fossil. Alvaro Kedding/© AMNH
Most non-avian dinosaurs were large animals within diverse ecosystems, living alongside early mammals, lizards, amphibians, and others.

These smaller animals were important parts of their ecosystems and give insights to the ancestry of important living groups, including our own. However, our knowledge of them is very incomplete, because their tiny fossils are hard to find and difficult to study.  

In this SciCafe, the Museum’s Macaulay Curator of Dinosaur Paleobiology Roger Benson discusses his use of cutting-edge 3D-scanning techniques, including CT scanning and synchrotron tomography, to provide remarkable visualizations of some of the smallest Jurassic vertebrates.