Part of the The World's Largest Dinosaurs exhibition.

Coolture Marketing, Bogotá, Colombia

Coolture Marketing is one of the first cultural marketing companies in Latin America, dedicated to promote world-class exhibitions and stimulate education, culture, and entertainment with a high sense of Social Responsibility.

Coolture Marketing’s first two projects in Colombia, Da Vinci The Genius and Bodies: Fascinating and Real, were seen by almost a million visitors, 300.000 of them students from public and private schools around the country. Most of the children from public schools (100.000), came from the poorest neighbors of the cities and thanks to alliances with local governments, they can enjoy our events for free.

Thanks to a union with the American Museum of Natural History of New York, we are bringing to the developing countries two of the most exciting and successful exhibitions of all time, Einstein and Darwin. With these extraordinary projects, we are impacting with our “Itinerary Culture” a whole new type of cultural consumer, the ones that never had this chance before.

Coolture Marketing’s responsibility is to keep expanding culture all around Latin America and contribute to enhance student educational quality, and show breathtaking exhibitions that combine education and entertainment for all.