East Punk Memories


Lucile Chaufour
2014 | 51 minutes | Hungary, France
U.S. Premiere 

Shooting on Super 8 in the early and mid-1980s, Lucile Chaufour captured a group of young punks chafing under communism; her documentation itself was a subversive act, undertaken in defiance of laws against illegal filming. “The film is about punk, life and, of course, politics,” writes director Chaufour. “Hungarian punk was highly political, as they were fighting against the regime with their own means.” Decades later, Chaufour returned to catch up with her subjects. Their musings and reminiscences, interspersed with the original material, throw Hungary’s evolution since the fall of the Berlin Wall into sharp relief. Shot through with prickly nostalgia and keen-edged observations, the film reaches beyond its Hungarian focus to illuminate the differences between punk’s meaning in the East and the West.

Watch a clip from the film on vimeo.

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