Collectively: Vídeo nas Aldeias

Man painting on his face with person filming.

Country Produced and Featured: Brazil

Since its founding by award-winning documentary filmmaker and activist Vincent Carelli, Vídeo nas Aldeias has supported 40 Amazonian groups in 14 Brazilian states that now use media to shape the portrayal of Amazonian communities in mainstream society, change public policy, and communicate with each another.

A conversation with founder Vincent Carelli and filmmaker Patricia Ferreira, moderated by writer and director Andrew Okpeaha MacLean follows the screening.


Marangmotxingmo Mïrang, from the Ikpeng children to the world
Karané Ikpeng, Natuyu Yuwipo Txcão, Kumaré Ikpeng 
2002 | 35 min | Brazil | Ikpeng

Yuwipó, Yampi, Eruwo, and Kamatxi guide the viewer through the lives of the Ikpeng people of Brazil, introducing us to their families, schools, and celebrations with curiosity and joy. Aware that their traditions and ways of life have changed since their grandparents’ time, the children are eager to learn from whoever comes across their “video-letter.”


Kiarãsã Yõ Sâty (Agouti’s Peanut)
Komoi Panará, Paturi Panará
2005 | 51 min | Brazil

During the peanut harvest, the Panará people of Amazonian Brazil celebrate the agouti, the squirrelly rodent that led them to discover that the legume grows in abundance just beneath their feet. As they remember the days before the discovery of the peanut—how they used to share pancakes made out of rotting wood—they take part in elaborate dances, smoke tobacco, share laughs, and pass around a small effigy of the adorable creature.

Nós e a Cidade (Us and the City)
Ariel Ortega, Jorge Morinico, Germano Benites, Patricia Ferreira
2009 | 6 mins | Brazil | Mbya-Guarani

Nós e a Cidade addresses the situation of the Indigenous Mbya-Guarani in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the importance of handicraft for survival, and the relationship with the white people's world, primarily in and around the archeological site of São Miguel das Missões.



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