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Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase

Saturday, October 19, 2019

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In this special showcase, we present five exciting ethnographic documentaries by emerging filmmakers. This screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and anthropologists Faye Ginsburg and Pegi Vail, directors of the New York University Center for Media, Culture and History, Department of Anthropology.

Join us for a Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening!

Living with Grace
Director: Alexis Ligon
2019 | 24 min | USA
Filmmaker in Attendance

Through races and Ironman competitions, Grace pushes back against cancer, exploring the kind of medicine that exercise can provide.

Mong Kok, First Aid
Director: Mavis Siu
2019 | 20 min | USA, Hong Kong | Hong Kong
Filmmaker in Attendance

Photographs, fluorescent vests, and gas masks are shared like precious family heirlooms alongside harrowing stories of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. 

Refusing to Let Go (Duxh Benigulun)
Director: Teresa Martinez Chavez   
2019 | 19 min | Mexico

See how weaving lessons spark an elderly woman’s memory while passing down Zapotec cultural legacy.

Surface Layer 
Director: Ryan Salch
2019 | 19 min | USA
Filmmaker in Attendance

Ryan Salch reveals how eczema affects a person psychologically and physically through this autobiographical portrait.

Tea for Taiwan
Director: Eliana Ritts
2019 | 18 min | USA, Taiwan
Filmmaker in Attendance

Bubble tea has become a surprising tool for Taiwanese-American activists in New York City.