Special Events and Dialogues

Mixed Media Lounge

Through October 21, 2018

Anthropologist Margaret Mead documented cultures and helped others connect to communities around the world using the groundbreaking medium of her time: film. Building on the spirit of her cutting-edge work, today’s new media—virtual reality, augmented reality, and more—are used to convey diverse stories.


Biidaaban: First Light
Lisa Jackson, Mathew Borrett, Jam3 and the National Film Board of Canada
2018 | 7 min 
Virtual Reality, Oculus

The town square is flooded. The infrastructure has merged with local flora and people commute via canoe. In this radically different future, urban life is thriving. Biidaaban: First Light illuminates how Indigenous languages can provide a framework for understanding our place in a reconciled version of Canada’s largest urban environment.

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