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Beginning today, Museum visitors can come face to face with individuals from ancient Egypt and Peru in the Museum’s latest exhibition—Mummies


Detail of the head of the coffin shows a painted face with a long slim beard, wearing a headdress, with illustrated figures decorating the body.
Coffin #30023 dates back to the late 25th Dynasty or early 26th Dynasty of ancient Egypt, (approximately 700–600 BC).
© 2015 The Field Museum, A115218d_003C, photographer John Weinstein

Peoples around the world practiced mummification as a means of preserving their dead for millennia. Learn about these practices, and what modern technologies are revealing about these cultures—and individual mummies. See interactive tools, ancient artifacts, and some of the world’s most rarely exhibited mummies for the first (and only) time on the east coast.


Wrapped mummy on left and the skeleton that is revealed by CT scan on the right.
Intact form of mummy #30007; Skeleton of #30007 rendered from CT scan.
© 2015 The Field Museum, A115214d_030A, photographer John Weinstein; CT scan composite © 2015 Field Museum, Katarina Kaspari


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