Dinosaurs and Fossils Where are All the Tiny Dinosaurs? A dinosaur as small as a mouse—pretty hard to imagine, right? It could be because tiny dinosaurs simply didn’t exist. Biodiversity For Your Consideration: The Incredible... Roach! You need roaches in your life. Not the pests you might recognize scurrying by, but some of their amazing, underrated cousins. Biodiversity Ladybugs Have a Killer Secret Beneath ladybugs' charming spots and vibrant colors lie killer instincts that can help support sustainable farming. Research and Collections How Do We Measure the Ages of Stars? With Astrophysicist Ruth Angus Join Museum curator Ruth Angus on a quest to answer one of the most challenging (and important) questions about stars. Biodiversity What Makes Dragonflies So Extraordinary Before bats, before birds, before pterosaurs, a dragonfly-like insect was probably the first thing to fly on Earth. Dinosaurs and Fossils Paleontologists dig for Jurassic dinosaur fossils Visit the Morrison Formation, one of the sites of many famous dinosaur discoveries, with paleontologists. In the Field Digging the Dinosaur Fossils of South Africa Scientists visit South Africa to learn how dinosaurs survived extinction 200 million years ago–and why other reptiles didn't. Exhibits Six Things You Didn't Know About Elephants Did you know that elephants can “hear” with their feet? Discover six surprising facts about the secret world of elephants. Biodiversity Decoding the Language of Fireflies Did you know that each species of firefly has their own unique light language? Watch to find out more! Biodiversity Special Preview: Insectarium on PBS Terra Museum Curator Jessica Ware hosts a series about the wonders of insects you think you know. Space The Known Universe in 360° Travel from Earth, all the way to the afterglow of the Big Bang–now in immersive 360 video, visualized in OpenSpace. Humans Human Population Through Time It took most of human history for our population to reach 1 billion—and just over 200 years to reach 8 billion.
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