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SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: End of the Megafauna with Ross MacPhee How do scientists explain the mass extinctions of the strange, large animals that once roamed the Earth? Space Skylight: Looking Back in Time How far back in time are we seeing when we look at the night sky? SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Technology Inspired by Nature with Tak-Sing Wong Find out how a carnivorous plant and a hungry cell have inspired new technologies with potentially life-saving applications. Exhibits Seven Million Years of Human Evolution An animated overview, covering seven million years of hominin evolution. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: The Milky Way as You've Never Seen it Before Fly through the galaxy using new data from the Gaia telescope. At the Museum 2018 Margaret Mead Film Festival Trailer The 2018 Margaret Mead Film Festival will be held October 18-21. Research and Collections Why Are Fossil Shark Skeletons So Rare? Why are there so many fossil shark teeth and so few fossil shark skeletons? Shelf Life Space Volcanoes - Shelf Life 360 Awe-inspiring extraterrestrial eruptions Research and Collections How Corals Hold Centuries of Ocean Climate Data Corals are living records of climate change. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Orangutans, Obesity, and Human Evolution Wild orangutans teach scientists about the evolution of human diets. Kid Science How is a Nautilus Different from a Squid? Seven ways the nautilus is exceptionally unique. Dinosaurs and Fossils Why Isn't Pterodactyl a Dinosaur? Paleontologist Danny Barta explains what is and is not a dinosaur.
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