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ANNOUNCING: Bulletin author wins coveted award


The Westwood Medal.

The Department of Scientific Publications is pleased to announce that Lee Herman is to be awarded the Westwood Medal, one of the highest achievements in the field of insect systematics. The medal, awarded jointly by the Royal Entomological Society and the Natural History Museum, London, recognizes “excellence in insect taxonomy.” It is given every other year for a work of outstanding quality and scope.


Cover of bulletin 375, by Westwood Medal winner Lee Herman.

In this case, it is for Lee’s 2013 monograph, “Revision of the New World Species of Oedichirus (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae),” published as issue 375 of Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History. Lee’s monograph has been described as “a model of exploratory morphology.” Just as Lee was the first to use a scanning electron microscope at the AMNH back in the early 1970’s (focusing then as now on beetle bits), for this monograph he used the museum’s confocal microscope to obtain superb images of delicate structures that are faint even under SEM.


Covers of bulletin 315, by Westwood Medal winner James S. Miller.

 The previous Westwood Medal was awarded to Jim Miller for his dioptine moth monograph, also a Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History (no. 315), published in two volumes.


The Department of Scientific Publications is pleased to announce that beginning with the calendar year 2011, our NOVITATES series is available for free download in epub format (ideal for viewing on an iPad using the iBooks app). All issues are also available for free download in pdf format. – From the AMNH Library’s DSpace



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