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In 2015—the 206th year-since Darwin's birth—DMP is proud to publish, for the first time ever, the entire 111 item Cambridge University Library collection of drawings & stories by Darwin's young children & other members of his household. The collection includes drawings on the verso of draft sheets of the Origin (4), Cirripedia (9), & Orchids (1). The Cirripedia fragments appear to be the sole surviving manuscript of this work.

House by Francis Darwin, verso of Origin Ms p. 555
Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin

As the companion to the children's artwork, we are also featuring the 54 item collection (including 9 insert slips) of all known surviving Ms sheets of the draft of the Origin of Species (1859). We originally published this collection in 2009 to mark Darwin's bicentennial and the Origin's sesquicentennial. Four of these Origin sheets have children's drawings on the verso, which presumably accounts for their survival. This collection also includes Darwin's draft titles for what became the Origin of Species.


Drawings on draft pages of Origin of Species & on other CD manuscripts

Drawings without CD Mss


Surviving Origin 1st Draft