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Past and present staff information for the Darwin Manuscripts Project
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David Kohn
Director & General Editor


Drew Coleman

Katherine Curran

Caryl Dreiblatt

Ella Fornari

Nick Gill

Adam Goldstein

Beverly Gordon

Donald Jones

Anthony Macchiarulo

Leslie Myrick

Christopher Reyes

Contributing Editors                                    

Sandra Herbert
Professor, University of Maryland (Baltimore County)

Gene Kritsky
Professor, College of Mount St. Joseph

Duncan Porter
Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Joel Schwartz
Professor Emeritus, College of Staten Island


DMP is managed by the American Museum of Natural History, under the supervision of the Director of the Library and the Provost of Science. Administrative support is provided through the Library and web support through the Digital Technology Department.

Advisory Board                                            

Thomas Baione - American Museum of Natural History 

Gillian Beer - Cambridge University 

Niles Eldredge - American Museum of Natural History

Sandra Herbert - University of Maryland, Baltimore County 

Randal Keynes - Charles Darwin Trust

Judith Berman Kohn - Clare Hall, Cambridge University 

Gerald Singer - American Museum of Natural History

Richard Ziemacki - Cambridge University Press

Web Development & Design                       

Michael Lee (DMP v. 1-3) 
MugoWeb (DMP v. 4)

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Marilyn and Michael Dee, Mark Sheridan, William Huxley Darwin, Syndics of Cambridge University Library: The Librarian Anne Jarvis, Special Collections (Katrina Dean, Adam Perkins, Jill Whitlock, Patrick Zutshi), Cambridge Digital Library: Grant Young, Huw Jones, Maciej Pawlikowski, Imaging Department (Virginia Apuzzo, Les Goodie, Scott Maloney, Don Manning), English Heritage (Down House) (Antony O'Rourke, Olivia Fryman, Christopher Weddell), Syndics of Cambridge University Press (Dr. Richard Ziemacki), New York Botanical Garden Library (Susan Fraser), Natural History Museum Library, London (Judith Magee), Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Library (Michele Losee), Linnean Society Library (Gina Douglas), Paul Sundue, Correspondence of Charles Darwin (James Secord, Alison Pearn), Cambridge University Herbarium (Gina Murrell), Biodiversity Heritage Library (Chris Freeland, Mike Lichtenberg), New York Public Library (Elizabeth Denlinger, Carolyn Vega), American Museum of Natural History (All AMNH/DMP Volunteers, Tom Baione, Rachel Booth, Kristina Britt, Anne Canty, Ryan Choi, Betina Cochran, John Cochran, Camille Coley, Jennifer Cwiok, Paul Delong, Robert Duffy, Catherine Devine, Ariana French, Darrel Frost, Barbara Green, Iris Lee, Danielle Mazzeo, Valerie McQueen, Elan Nissenboim, Michael Novacek, Mai Qaraman, Barbara Rhodes, Paula Schrynemakers, Gerald Singer, Louise Steward, Matthew Tarr, Samuel Tran, Michael Walker, David Yeo), Irene Palmer, Judith Berman Kohn.


William Huxley Darwin, permission to publish all extant Charles Darwin manuscripts. Permission &/or license to publish digitised Charles Darwin manuscripts, published works, or databases as specified on the item: American Philosophical Society, English Heritage, Eton College, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge University Press, Harvard University, Karpeles Museum, Lehigh University, Natural History Museum, Smithsonian Institution, University College London.


The Darwin Manuscripts Project is based in the Research Library of the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York NY 10025.