Library Fun Finds 10.28.22

by Lauren VanDenBerg on

Gottesman Research Library News

Welcome to Library Fun Finds! An ongoing series where we share some of the fun and unique items we come across in the library and archives collections.

Can I interest you in a dinosaur lunch? Not lunch in the dinosaur hall, not what the dinosaurs had for lunch, but a lunch of dinosaurs...or at least cleverly renamed for dinosaurs. This menu comes from April 1933 and one of the many special events held at the museum throughout the years.

Image of April 1933 menu for 'Dinosaur Lunch'
From Central Archives, April 1933 menu for 'Dinosaur Lunch'
L. VanDenBerg/© AMNH

This entry was written by Lauren VanDenBerg, Shelby White & Leon Levy Project Archivist.