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2007 Primitive Early Relative Of Armadillos Helps Rewrite Evolutionary Family Tree Two-Hundred-Pound, Armored Mammal Lived at a Time When Andes Were One-Fourth Their Present Height December 20, 2007 2007 Iridescent Ammonite Goes On Display At The Museum   December 1, 2007 2007 Velociraptor Had Feathers   November 28, 2007 2007 Dinosaur Fossil Showing Early Signs Of Miniaturization Necessary For Flight Found By AMNH Paleontologists   November 15, 2007 2007 New Research By American Museum Of Natural History Scientists And Others Provides Insight Into Planet Formation   November 2, 2007 2007 Study By American Museum Of Natural History Paleontologists Reveals Timing Of Physical And Sexual Maturity Among Dinosaur Ancestors To Birds   October 31, 2007 2007 New Find At Ghost Ranch, New Mexico Shows Dinosaurs Coexisted With Their Predecessors For 15 To 20 Million Years   October 12, 2007 2007 The American Museum Of Natural History And New York City Department Of Parks And Recreation Enlist New Yorkers To Study Native Bees And Plants   October 1, 2007 2007 New Fossil Discoveries By American Museum Of Natural History Scientists Challenge Role Of Climate In Early Penguin Distribution And Evolution   September 29, 2007 2007 New Fossil Indicates Origin And Rise Of Modern Mammals   September 14, 2007 2007 Two American Museum Of Natural History Anthropologists Elected To Prestigious Science Academies   August 27, 2007 2007 American Museum Of Natural History Scientists Help Demonstrate That Protecting Fish Species Can Help Coral Reefs Recover Researchers have found that fishing bans in marine reserves lead to increased populations of parrotfish (pictured), which in turn... August 15, 2007
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