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Twelve Parasites Of Christmas

New Research Shows Dolphin By-Catch Includes Genetic Relatives

Dracula Orchids and Goblin Spiders

Polar Bears Can't Eat Geese Into Extinction

New Trove of Fossils Suggests Global Distribution of Tropical Forest Ecosystems in the Eocene

New Discoveries in North America's Great Plains Bring Ammonites to Life

Oldest Evidence of Dinosaurs Found in Polish Footprints

Scientific Understanding of T. Rex Revised by a Decade of New Research and Discovery

Strange Predatory Dinosaur from Europe's Late Cretaceous Described by Romanian and U.S. Paleontologists

New Research on Rapidly-Disappearing Ancient Plant Offers Hope for Species Recovery

Rain of Giant Gas Clouds Create Active Galactic Nuclei

New Approach Helps Teachers Integrate Conservation Biology Into High School Ecology Classes

Scientists Describe Two New Species of Fish From Area Engulfed by Oil Spill

Demoting a Dinosaur

Bees That Nest in Petals

Rose Center to go to Space

Mercury is Higher in Some Tuna Species According to DNA Barcoding

The New T. Rex: A leech With an Affinity For Noses

Harnessing the Web and Supercomputers to Track Pathogens as They Evolve

International Team of Scientists Describe First Cretaceous African Amber Deposit

Simulations Solve a 20-Year Old Riddle About Why Nebulae Around Massive Stars Don't Disappear

Phylogenetic Analysis of Mexican Cave Scorpions Suggests Adaptation to Caves is Reversible

South Korean Shamans Fluidly Absorb Cultural Change

Grizzly Bears Move Into Polar Bear Habitat in Manitoba, Canada

How Earth Survived Birth