Jin Meng

Curator-in-Charge, Fossil Mammals, Division of Paleontology

Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School



  • Columbia University , Ph.D., 1991
  • Graduate School of Sciences & Technology, and the IVPP, Academia Sinica, Beijing, M.S., 1984
  • Beijing University, B.S., 1982

Research Interests

Dr. Jin Meng studies the morphology, systematics, and evolution of mammals, particularly early mammals (Mesozoic and Paleogene), such as haramiyidans, eutriconodontans, multituberculates and early therians. Within therian mammals, his research focuses on Glires, the group that includes rodents and lagomorphs. His researches have intended to address several issues related to higher-level mammalian phylogeny, origin of the Glires, evolution of mammalian dentitions and middle and inner ears, and the relationship of mammalian evolution in responding to changing environments of the earth during the geological history. He also works on Tertiary stratigraphy, with focus on the biochronology (land mammal ages) of terrestrial strata in Asia. Most of Dr. Meng's fieldwork takes place in Asia-primarily in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang Province in northeast China, and southern China. 


Division of Paleontology

Richard Gilder Graduate School


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Teaching Experience

Faculty Appointments

  • Adjunct faculty, Biology Department, CUNY, 2000-present
  • Adjunct faculty, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, CUNY, 2000-present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1996-1999
  • Visiting Lecturer, Vassar College, 1991

Courses Taught

  • Vertebrate Paleontology (one class) (RGGS)
  • Evolution (four classes) (RGGS)

Graduate Advisees

  • Matthew Mihlbacher, Geology, Columbia University
  • Bolorseteg Minjin, Earth and Environmental Sciences, CUNY
  • Hu Yaoming, Biology, CUNY

Graduate Committees

  • Kaori Tsukui - Columbia
  • Abagael West - RGGS
  • Aki Watanabe - RGGS
  • Maria Eugenia Leone Gold - RGGS
  • Chen Jianye - Columbia
  • Hongyu Yi - Columbia
  • Rei Pei - Columbia

Postdoctorial Advisor 

  • Brian Kraatz (AMNH fellowship)
  • Marcelo Weksler (NSF, AToL project)
  • Xijun Ni (2009, NSF grants)
  • Lucja Fostowicz-Frelik (T. Roosevelt, AMNH)
  • Olivier Maridet (IVPP, CAS)