Natalie Umling



University of South Carolina, Ph.D., 2017

University of North Carolina at Wilmington, B.S., 2013

Research Interests

Dr. Natalie Umling is a paleoceanographer with the goal of viewing modern climate change through the lens of the past. By documenting the oceanic changes that have occurred during both modern and past rapid climate events, her research provides clues to the oceanic role in both driving and responding to a changing climate. She enjoys spending time at sea collecting marine sediments and seawater in addition to the time spent at a microscope picking foraminifera or drilling corals for geochemical analyses.

Much of her research focuses on how changes in ocean circulation impact the exchange of heat and carbon dioxide between the oceans and atmosphere. Studying the geochemistry of both corals and foraminifera allows her to study changes from the present to the Pleistocene.  Her foraminiferal research utilizes radiocarbon, trace element, stable isotope, and morphological analyses to understand how large-scale ocean circulation and ventilation contributed to the end of the last ice age. Whereas her coral research utilizes isotopic and elemental analyses to understand how local changes in circulation are influenced by seasonal and interannual climate variability.


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