Pedro Peloso

Research Associate

Research Interests

Graduated in Biological Sciences (Master of Science in Zoology), I crafted most of my early carreer in the field of Systematics and Biodiversity Conservation. As a student in the Comparative Biology PhD program in the Richard Gilder Graduate School, at the American Museum of Natural History, I continue to follow this path. My current research focus on understanding how the early diversification of Tropical fauna is related  to  the  evolution  of  morphological,  behavioral  and  molecular  characters.  Overall research interests involves a mixture of subjects related to the systematics of amphibians and reptiles, especially in the Tropics.

The integrative use of genetics, morphology and behavior characters to study species boundaries led me to the discovery of several new species of frogs and lizards which are in the course of being described. Most of my field based research was conducted in Amazonia and Atlantic Rainforest but I recently expanded this horizon to Southeast Asia (Vietnam).


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Selected Publications:

Rowley, J.J.L., Tran, D.T.A., Le, D.T.T., Dau, V.Q., Peloso, P.L.V., Nguyen, T.Q., Hoang, H.D., Nguyen, T.T., & Ziegler, T. (2016). Five new, microendemic Asian Leaf-litter Frogs (Leptolalax) from the southern Annamite mountains, Vietnam. Zootaxa 4085, 63-102.

Carvalho, A.L.G., Sena, A.M., Peloso, P.L.V. Machado, F. A.,  Montesinos, R., Silva, H.R., Campbell, G. & Rodrigues, M.T. (2016). A new Tropidurus (Tropiduridae) from the semiarid Brazilian Caatinga: evidence for conflicting signal between mitochondrial and nuclear loci affecting the phylogenetic reconstruction of South American Collared Lizards. American Museum Novitates 3853, 1-44.

Peloso, P.L.V.; Frost, D.R.; Richards, S. J.; Rodrigues, M.T.; Donnellan, S.; Matsui, M.; Raxworthy, C. J.; Biju, S. D.; Lemmon, E. M.; Lemmon, A. R. & Wheeler, W. C. (2015). The impact of anchored phylogenomics and taxon sampling on phylogenetic inference in Narrow-mouthed frogs (Anura, Microhylidae). Cladistics, 1-25, 2015.

Peloso, P.L.V.; Suraro, M.J. ; Forlani, M.C. ; Gaucher, P. ; Motta, A.P. & Wheeler, W.C. (2014). Phylogeny, taxonomic revision, and character Evolution of the genera Chiasmocleis and Syncope (Anura, Microhylidae) in Amazonia, with descriptions of three new species. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 386, 1-112.

Peloso, P.L.V. ; J. Faivovich; T. Grant; J.L. Gasparini & C.F.B. Haddad. (2012). An extraordinary new species of Melanophryniscus (Anura, Bufonidae) from southeastern Brazil. American Museum Novitates, 3762, 1-24.

Peloso, P.L.V. ; K.C.M. Pellegrino; M.T. Rodrigues & T.C.S. Ávila-Pires. (2011). Description and phylogenetic relationships of a new genus and species of lizard (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) from the Amazonian rainforest of Northern Brazil. American Museum Novitates, 1-24.