Ron Clouse

Post-doctoral Researcher



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), 2010

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology

Giribet Laboratory

Master of Science (M.S.), 1994

University of Florida, Gainesville

Department of Zoology

Brockmann Laboratory

Research Interests

I am interested in invertebrate systematics, Indo-Pacific biogeography, molecular and morphometric phylogenetics, and the theory and methods of biogeographical analysis. Currently I am helping develop method for combined phylogenetic and biogeographic analysis, and I am investigating the ancient and recent history of different invertebrate groups. My main taxa of interest are the cyphophthalmid Opiliones (especially Stylocellidae and Metasiro americanus), other lesser-known arachnid orders, Hymenoptera (especially ants), and holothurians.


Reviewed Publications

Giribet, G., P. Sharma, L. Benavides, S. Boyer, R. Clouse, B. L. de Bivort, D. Dimitrov, G. Y. Kawauchi, J. Murienne, and P. Schwendinger. (in press) Evolutionary and biogeographic history of the harvestman suborder Cyphophthalmi (Arachnida, Opiliones)—an ancient and global group of arachnids. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Clouse, R. M., D. M. General, A. C. Diesmos and G. Giribet. (2011) An old lineage of Cyphophthalmi (Opiliones) discovered on Mindanao highlights the need for biogeographical research in the Philippines. Journal of Arachnology. 39: 147–153.

Clouse, R.M., B. L. de Bivort and Giribet, G. (2011) Phylogenetic signal in morphometric data. Cladistics. 27(4): 337–340.

de Bivort, B.L., Clouse, R.M., and Giribet, G. (2010) A morphometrics-based phylogeny of the temperate Gondwanan mite harvestmen (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi, Pettalidae). Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research. 48(4):294–309.

Clouse, R.M., and Giribet, G. (2010) When Thailand was an island—the phylogeny and biogeography of mite harvestmen (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi, Stylocellidae) in Southeast Asia. Journal of Biogeography. 37(6): 1114-1130.

Clouse, R.M., B. L. de Bivort and Giribet, G. (2009) A phylogenetic analysis for the South-east Asian mite harvestman family Stylocellidae (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi)—a combined analysis using morphometric and molecular data.Invertebrate Systematics. 23(6): 515–529.

Clouse, R. M. and G. Giribet. (2007) Across Lydekker's Line–first report of mite harvestmen (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi, Stylocellidae) from New Guinea. Invertebrate Systematics.  21: 207–227.

Clouse, R. M. (2007) The Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Micronesia. Micronesica. 39(2): 171–296.

Clouse, R. M. (2007) New ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Micronesia. Zootaxa 1475: 1–19.

Boyer, S. L., Clouse, R. M., Benavides, L. R., Sharma, P., Schwendinger, P. J., Karunarathna, I., Rahmadi, C., and Giribet, G. (2007) Biogeography of the World: a case study from cyphophthalmid Opiliones, a globally distributed group of arachnids. Journal of Biogeography. 43(12): 2070–2085.

Clouse, R. M., D. Janies and A. M. Kerr (2005) Resurrection of Bohadschia bivittata from B. marmorata (Holothuroidea: Holothuriidae) based on behavioral, morphological, and mitochondrial DNA evidence. Zoology 108(1): 27–39.

Kerr, A. M., D. A. Janies, R. M. Clouse, Y. Samyn, J. Kuszak and J. Kim (2005) Molecular Phylogeny of Coral-Reef Sea Cucumbers (Holothuriidae: Aspidochirotida) Based on 16S Mitochondrial Ribosomal DNA Sequence. Marine Biotechnology 7(1): 53–60.

Clouse, R. M. (2001) Some Effects of Group Size on Output of Beginning Nests of the Florida Paper Wasp,Mischocyttarus mexicanus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Florida Entomologist 84(3): 418–425.

Clouse, R. M. (1999)  Leaf-Litter Inhabitants of a Brazilian Pepper Stand in Everglades National Park.  FloridaEntomologist 82(3): 388–403.

Clouse, R. M. (1997)  Are lone paper wasp foundresses mainly the result of sister mortality?  Florida Scientist 60(4): 265–274.

Clouse, R. M., B. Ferster and M. A. Deyrup. (1997)  Observations of insects associated with an infestation of sand pine (Pinus clausa) by the aphid Cinara pinivora. Florida Scientist 60(2): 89–93.

Meshaka, W. E., Jr., R. M. Clouse, B. P. Butterfield, J. B. Hauge. (1997) The Cuban green anole, Anolis porcatus: a new anole established in Florida. Herpetological Review. 28(2): 101–102.

Meshaka, W. E., Jr., R. M. Clouse, L. McMahon. (1997) Diet of the tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) in southern Florida.Florida Field Naturalist 25 (3): 105-107.

Clouse, R. M. (1997) Burying behavior in an Indo-Pacific sea cucumber, Bohadschia marmorata: a circadian, not circatidal rhythm.  Micronesica 30(2): 245–257.

Clouse, R. M. (1997) End-plate spicules in Bohadschia marmorata (Jaeger) (Holothuroidea: Holothuriidae). Micronesica30(1): 187–192.

Clouse, R. M. (1995) The importance of gall size for sea daisy gall midge parasitoids. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. 68: 184–188.

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In Review

Clouse, R., Giribet, G. On the Cyphophthalmi (Arachnida, Opiliones) types from the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale “Giacomo Doria.” Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology. 

Carraro, N., Tisdale-Orr, T., Clouse, R., Knöller, A., Spicer, R. Analysis of the PIN, AUX/LAX and ABCB families of putative auxin transporters in Populus. Frontiers in Plant Physiology.

Sharma, P., Buenavente, P., Clouse, R., Diesmos, A., Giribet, G. Forgotten gods: Zalmoxidae of the Philippines and Borneo (Opiliones: Laniatores). Zootaxa.

de Bivort, B.L., Clouse, R., and Giribet, G. A cladistic reconstruction of the ancestral mite harvestman (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi): portrait of a Paleozoic detritivore. Cladistics.