Virtual Field Trip to the Butterfly Conservatory

Part of the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium exhibition.

Welcome to a virtual field trip to the Butterfly Conservatory! This field trip is designed for students in grades K-2 to observe butterflies and compare their patterns.

This activity is modular so that teachers have flexibility in how they assign components to their students. The Virtual Hall Tour and Student Investigation are the core assignment. The extension activity is offered to provide an opportunity for deeper student engagement and could be assigned over an additional course day.

View through a magnifying glass shows a butterfly feeding on an orange slice.
R. Mickens/© AMNH

For more information about how to adapt this activity for your students and standards-alignment download a Teacher's Guide:

Virtual Hall Tour and Student Investigation

Students will watch a 360 Video of the Butterfly Conservatory. (Advise students to view full-screen for a better view of butterflies.)

They can use this worksheet to identify butterflies, learn the parts of a butterfly, and answer questions about two butterflies they choose. 

Students can also draw and color the butterflies that they have observed.

Extension Activities

To deepen student engagement with this content, you may choose to add the following extension activities:

Butterfly Lifecycle

Students can watch this video to learn about the butterfly lifecycle and then draw the stages on the worksheet.

Draw a Monarch 

colored pencil drawing of monarch butterfly
Butterfly drawing, © Ivy Rutzky

Students can use the resources and steps outlined here to draw a scientific illustration of a monarch butterfly.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at [email protected]