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Resources For Educators: The Horse

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The Horse examines the powerful and continuing relationship between the horse and humans. The exhibition explores the origins of the horse family, extending back over more than 50 million years. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students. 

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story All About Horses Did you know that there are more than 200 breeds of horses living today? Explore amazing facts about horse breeds. Find out about... hands-on Horse Gaits Flipbooks: Walk, Trot, and Gallop! How many hooves of a trotting horse leave the ground at the same time? What about a walking horse or a galloping horse? Find out... story Tree of Life Investigate circular and 3D cladograms to see how scientists keep track of species and their evolutionary relationships. hands-on Dress Up a Horse Throughout time, people have dressed horses in different ways—sometimes for practical reasons, other times to reflect status or wealth.... story The Quest for the Perfect Tomato The next time you eat a tomato, ask yourself: What would it taste like if there were a bit of flounder in it? Learn how scientists... Educator Materials Calculate Horsepower Most car enthusiasts can tell you the horsepower of their favorite vehicle. But what does that measurement really mean? And what... Educator Materials Compare Hoof and Tooth Fossils More than 35 million years ago, horses thrived in wet forests. Take a close look at horse fossils to see what paleontologists can... Article Horse Power (Science World) Some scientists believe the fate of humankind was changed when humans first began to tame the wild horse. Learn more about how horses... Article Horse Power (SuperScience) Try to imagine a world without horses. For starters, what would Paul Revere have used to make his midnight ride on, a cow?