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American Museum of Natural History Rare Book Series MARCUS ELIESER BLOCHAllgemeine Naturgeschichte der Fische.


LIMITED AVAILABILITY! Six volume set available for $180 donation to Ichthyology Dept. - See Below for Details

The set was reproduced from the AMNH Rare Book Collection

It contains four text volumes and 432 color plates, spread among two volumes

The reproductions benefitted from a grant from the Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod Foundation



"In the literature of ichthyology, Bloch's descriptive and richly illustrated ALLGEMEINE NATURGESCHICHTE DER FISCHE is one of the high points, both graphically and taxonomically." So begins Ellen B. Wells' introduction to the facsimile reproduction by the American Museum of Natural History of Marcus Elieser Bloch's monumental work. Originally published in 1785-1795, the work describes and illustrates the fishes of the world. The drawings were primarily done by Johan Friedrich August Krueger and Johan Friedrich Henning. Decorative title page vignettes for the original nine parts were designed by Johann Carl Wilhelm Rosenberg and engraved by Daniel Berger.
 The facsimile, in four octavo text volumes and two quarto color volumes, was reproduced from the copy in the Rare Book Collection of the American Museum of Natural History Library. The plate volumes were printed in Taiwan. To assure exact color reproduction an AMNH librarian accompanied the plate volumes to Taipei, worked with the printers, and approved sample plates. When the plates were completed a Museum Ichthyologist approved all plates before printing commenced. Throughout the printing process proofs were submitted to Dr. Herbert Axelrod, sponsor of the project, and to the Director of the AMNH Library for approval. The result is an elegant facsimile. Collectors, scientists and librarians will be pleased with this fine reprint of a landmark work, and will wish to add it to their collections.




Now available through the Department of Ichthyology at the American Museum of Natural History, for the reduced price of $180/set, is a 1993 reprint of Bloch's Allgemeine Naturgeschicte Der Fische published between 1782-1795. The four volumes of text are in German and there are two volumes of plates. The publication includes Bloch's Oeconmishe Naturgegeschichtge der Fische Deutschlands (Fische Deutschlands) published in three volumes with 108 plates from 1782-95 and Naturgeschichte der auslandischen Fische (Auslandischen Fische) published in nine parts with plates 109-432.

 To order this series, contact Danielle Silverman