Loan Requests

Specimens belonging to the AMNH Ichthyological Collections may be borrowed upon approved requests. As per institutional policy, loans are made to the institution, which accepts responsibility for the care and safe return of the borrowed material. Loan requests should be sent to [email protected]. Requests on behalf of graduate students must be made by the advisor, who is nominally responsible for the loan. Loans are generally made for the period of one year (six months for type specimens), unless otherwise noted. Specimens are to be returned to the AMNH in the manor in which they were shipped. Contact the Curatorial Associate for proper shipment of type specimens. Requests for dissection and clearing-and-staining require prior approval of the curatorial staff. Failure to comply with the terms of the loan agreement may result in denial of future requests.

Please send copies (hard copy or electronic pdf) of any publications that result, in whole or part, from any studies that include AMNH specimens to the [email protected].