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Since 2002, the Annette Kade Fellowship Program has provided the opportunity for French and German students to study at the Museum for 3 months, and for American Museum of Natural History graduate students to study at institutions across France and Germany for 3 months. With the support of the Annette Kade Charitable Trust Fund, an extraordinary array of talented international students have taken advantage of the Museum’s cutting-edge facilities and technology, world-class collections and the expertise of our curatorial faculty and scientific staff. At the same time, AMNH graduate students at the Museum have gained invaluable experience working with expert scientists at top institutions abroad. The Annette Kade Fellowship Program thus strengthens the Museum’s institutional partnerships and helps to build a better trained and more interactive international scientific community.

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The Annette Kade Fellows for 2016 are:

Daniel Dick - Annette Kade Fellow

Daniel Dick, a graduate student at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen in Germany, has worked with Dr. Nancy Simmons, Curator, Division of Vertebrate Zoology. Mr. Dick worked on the project entitled “Testing the accuracy of quantitative ecospace modeling using an artificial extinction analysis of extant Chiroptera.” This project represents an innovative effort to test the efficacy of quantitative ecospace modeling methods. Daniel is very familiar with quantitative ecosystem modeling methods and has already published in this area.

Carina Klein - Annette Kade Fellow

Carina Klein, a graduate student at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in Germany, is working with Dr. Neil Landman, Curator, Division of Paleontology. Her research project assesses “Ammonoid intraspecific variability throughout the complete ontogeny.” Carina wanted to pursue her studies at the AMNH because of Dr. Landman’s familiarity with this subject and also because of the unique collections of Late Cretaceous ammonites at the Museum. This will allow her to compare patterns of development between Carboniferous groups with species near the end of the Cretaceous. 

Prior Annette Kade Fellows:

YEAR                                         AMNH Sponsor
Nils Bigge George Harlow
Weibke Feindt Robert DeSalle
Bastian J. Klussmann-Fricke Lorenzo Prendini
Bernardo Santos Claire Villemant (MNHN) and Stefan Schmidt (ZSM)
Guillaume Bonnet                George Harlow
Gerrit Budde                        Denton Ebel
Andrea Gatto                        Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Taisiya G. Kopytova               Rebecca Oppenheimer
Stephanie Loria (2nd award)    Lorenzo Prendini
Niels Josephe Schoffelen        Eunsoo Kim
Simone Hoffman                   Jin Meng
Weibke Feindt                Rob DeSalle
Anna Ida Frauke Stebner       Dave Grimaldi
Nina Mazur                          Dave Grimaldi
Stephanie Loria                     Lorenzo Prendini
Christian Baczynski                Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Miguel Pinto Baez            Nancy Simmons
Natalie Raetigg                     Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Ornella Bertrand                John Flynn
Christoph Federath              Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Adrien Perrard                   James Carpenter
Juliane Schaer                    Susan Perkins
Isabelle Kruta                   Neil Landman
Thomas Peters                 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Alexis Carlotti                  Rebecca Oppenheimer
Jeremy Leconte                  Rebecca Oppenheimer
Anders Johansen              Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Isabelle Kruta                 Neil Landman
Jeff Oishi                           Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Robert Schelly                    Melanie Stiassny
Julia Schwartzer                 Melanie Stiassny
Carsten Kamenz               Lorenzo Prendini
Ilya Temkin                       Paula Mikkelson
Jerome Murienne               Ward Wheeler
Christian Wirkner             Lorenzo Prendini
Anne Katherine Japsen        Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Vincent Rousset               Mark Siddall
Thorbjoern Schoenbeck       Denton Ebel
Christiane Weirauch           Toby Schuh
Diego Pol                          Mark Norell
Yuexing Li                         Mordecai -Mark Mac Low