Annette Kade Fellowship Program

Since 2002, the Annette Kade Fellowship Program has provided the opportunity for graduate students of any nationality who are enrolled at French and German students to study at the Museum for 3 months, and for American Museum of Natural History graduate students to study at institutions across France and Germany institutions for 3 months. With the support of the Annette Kade Charitable Trust Fund, an extraordinary array of talented international students have taken advantage of the Museum’s cutting-edge facilities and technology, world-class collections and the expertise of our curatorial faculty and scientific staff. At the same time, AMNH graduate students at the Museum have gained invaluable experience working with expert scientists at top institutions abroad. The Annette Kade Fellowship Program thus strengthens the Museum’s institutional partnerships and helps to build a better trained and more interactive international scientific community.

 November 15, 2023 Application Now Available!

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The Annette Kade Fellows for 2020 are:

Kade fellow Nayeli Gutiérrez stands in front of collections drawers and holds up a wooden tray filled with pinned insect specimens.

Nayeli Gutiérrez, an RGGS Comp Bio PhD Student, will be working with Dr. Susanne Dobler at the University of Hamburg in Germany. The main goal of her research stay is to analyze the genes associated with metabolism and detoxification of milkweed longhorn beetles. This is part of Nayeli's doctoral project, which aims to understand the mechanisms that beetles use to overcome the toxicity of their host plants. The knowledge of such mechanisms is currently absent for these beetles, and limited to charismatic species, as the Monarch butterfly and the large milkweed bug.


Person with long dark hair pictured from chest up sitting in an office chair with three computer monitors behind them.

Marina Gemma

Null Portrait

Timothée David Cléris


Prior Annette Kade Fellows:

Name Year AMNH Sponsor
Ashleen Tan 2019 Nathalie Goodkin
Christopher Smith 2019 Neil Landman
Jens Barosch 2018 Denton Ebel
Ugo Lebreuilly 2018 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Stephen Schaffrath 2018 Lorenzo Prendini
Robin Tress 2017 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Rebecca Herzog 2017 Robert DeSalle
Jaayke Lynn Fiege 2017 James Webster
Daniel Dick 2016 Nancy Simmons
Carina Klein 2016 Neil Landman
 Nils Bigge 2015 George Harlow
Weibke Feindt 2015 Robert DeSalle
Bastian J. Klussmann-Fricke 2015 Lorenzo Prendini
Bernardo Santos 2015 Claire Villemant (MNHN) and Stefan Schmidt (ZSM)
Guillaume Bonnet  2014 George Harlow
Gerrit Budde 2014 Denton Ebel
Andrea Gatto 2014 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Taisiya G. Kopytova 2014 Rebecca Oppenheimer
Stephanie Loria (2nd award)    2014 Lorenzo Prendini
Niels Josephe Schoffelen     2014 Eunsoo Kim
Simone Hoffman     2014 Jin Meng
Weibke Feindt  2013 Rob DeSalle
Anna Ida Frauke Stebner   2012 Dave Grimaldi
Nina Mazur   2012 Dave Grimaldi
Stephanie Loria 2012 Lorenzo Prendini
Christian Baczynski   2011 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Miguel Pinto Baez 2010 Nancy Simmons
Natalie Raetigg    2010 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Ornella Bertrand  2009 John Flynn
Christoph Federath   2009 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Adrien Perrard 2009 James Carpenter
Juliane Schaer 2009 Susan Perkins
Isabelle Kruta  2008 Neil Landman
Thomas Peters 2008 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Alexis Carlotti       2007 Rebecca Oppenheimer
Jeremy Leconte 2007 Rebecca Oppenheimer
Anders Johansen  2006 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Isabelle Kruta 2006 Neil Landman
Jeff Oishi 2006 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Robert Schelly 2006 Melanie Stiassny
Julia Schwartzer 2006 Melanie Stiassny
Carsten Kamenz 2005 Lorenzo Prendini
Ilya Temkin 2004 Paula Mikkelson
Jerome Murienne 2004 Ward Wheeler
Christian Wirkner  2004 Lorenzo Prendini
Anne Katherine Japsen 2003 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low
Vincent Rousset 2003 Mark Siddall
Thorbjoern Schoenbeck   2003 Denton Ebel
Christiane Weirauch 2003 Toby Schuh
Diego Pol    2002 Mark Norell
Yuexing Li     2002 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low