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  • This photo shows an animal with horizontal ridges and a rounded head in a sand-colored matrix. A rounded red tube runs down the middle of the body.


    Early Trilobites had Stomachs

    September 21, 2017

    Exceptionally preserved trilobite fossils from China, dating back to more than 500 million years ago, have revealed new insights into the extinct marine animal’s digestive system.

  • Nova shell in space.
  • Six people riding in a small motor boat in a brown river


    Scientists Challenge DNA Sequencing Dogma

    July 31, 2017

    Next-generation sequencing has revolutionized the biological sciences, but a study published today in the journal Scientific Reports reveals that a favored sequencing method for measuring microbial biodiversity is not as accurate as once thought.

  • This illustration shows three large animals with long, camel-like necks and trunk-like snouts drinking water from a pond


    Extinct Mammal That Stumped Darwin Gets Place on Tree of Life

    June 27, 2017

    For the first time, scientists have recovered ancient DNA from one of the more puzzling species to have lived during the last ice age, Macrauchenia patachonica, allowing researchers to map its relationships and place it within a group that includes horses, rhinos, and tapirs.

  • This graphic shows the facade of the Museum with stick figures of a parent and a child, a skateboarder, and a person with their bacteria magnified.


    AMNH Announces Inside You

    June 21, 2017

    Inside You explores the rapidly evolving science that is revolutionizing how we view human health.

  • Planetary object with space background


    Citizen Scientists Uncover New World Near Sun

    June 2, 2017

    A new citizen-science tool released earlier this year to help astronomers pinpoint new worlds lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system has already led to a discovery: a brown dwarf a little more than 100 light years away from the Sun.

  • This photo shows a fossilized beetle with a brown-colored and bumpy exoskeleton. The scale bar indicates that the specimen is about 8 millimeters long
  • This magnified image shows a single green-tinted transparent egg in water with a salamander embryo inside