Mythic Creatures Online Resources

Part of the Mythic Creatures exhibition.

From the American Museum of Natural History:

  • OLogy
    Explore the brand-new Mythic Creatures OLogy, where kids can find more information and fun activities about their favorite mystical beings. It includes a mystery map game, a guide to making mythic puppets, a mystery photo collection, a young readers booklist, and much more.
  • Science Explorations Web Quests
    Students in grades 3–10 can embark on a Mythic Creatures investigation with these online explorations.


  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: Unicorn Tapestries 
    This interactive website for The Unicorn Tapestries includes image-led stories of these iconic pieces of art, which are displayed in the Met’s Cloisters Gallery. Their history and iconography can be explored in detail on this site.
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts: World Myths and Legends in Art
    This diverse collection of images brings together 26 works of art inspired by mythology from cultures around the world. The rich variety allows teachers to address a wide range of study areas, including language arts, humanities, art, social and cultural studies, and world religions. Note the “compare and contrast” artifact essay-writing activity for students.
  • National Library of Australia: Bunyip
    This animated online exhibition of the legendary water creature from Australia’s First Nations peoples is loaded with lore, imagery, and educational materials.


  • Strange Science
    An annotated compendium of illustrations from various centuries-old science books that highlights misidentifications scientists made as they studied the natural world. Categories include "Dinosaurs and Dragons", "Mammals", "Sea Monsters", and "Forgeries and Frauds”. The text explores how some of the creatures of mythology might have resulted from erroneous guesses made from fossil discoveries.


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