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Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids brings to light surprising similarities as well as differences in the ways peoples around the world have envisioned and depicted these strange and wonderful creatures. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students. 

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Use these free online resources to further explore themes presented in the Mythic Creatures exhibition.

Educator Materials Early Explorers & Mistaken Identities Setting sail without a map wasn't the only concern facing European explorers. Their heads had also been filled with tales of monsters... Educator Materials Explore Mythic Creatures with a Field Journal What mythic creatures are new to you? Are some made up of different animal parts? And do dragons mean different things to Asian and... Educator Materials Investigate Mysterious Creatures The elusive giant squid was first described 500 years ago by Scandinavian sailors. Investigate what we've learned--and what still... Educator Materials Mermaid Migration Follow mermaids around the world and throughout history to see first-hand how cultures share and reinterpret mythic creatures. Educator Materials Mythic Creatures Booklist: Middle & High School Unicorns and dragons and Sasquatch, oh my! Continue the investigation of fantastic creatures with this mythological menagerie of... Educator Materials Mythic Creatures Online Resources Continue tracking mythic creatures through the art they've inspired and the science they've helped shape with this collection of... Educator Materials Who Owns These Bones? What can scientists know about a creature by examining its bones? And what can they only guess at? Show students with this hands-on... Hands-on Make Your Own Mythic Creatures Stationery Showcase the fire of your opinions or let your imagination take flight with these colorful, ready-to-print stationery files. Game Mythic Creatures Challenge Does a dragon always breathe fire? Can a unicorn have colorful, shiny scales? Find out how well you know your mythic creatures with...