Footprints of Climate Change Revealed Through Antarctica’s Glacial History

Part of Educators


Join us for a special session for educators with Suzanne OConnell, the Harold T. Stearns Professor of Earth Science at Wesleyan University, and Marlo Garnsworthy, author, illustrator, editor, designer, photographer, and science communicator.

Scientific ocean drilling has changed and continues to change the way we view Earth processes, by recovering long cylinders (cores) of sediment and rock that tell the story of Earth’s climate history. In this program, Suzanne and Marlo will talk about sailing together with the International Ocean Discovery Program’s (IODP) Expedition 382 to the remote, wild, and wind-tossed Scotia Sea near Antarctica known as Iceberg Alley. There, they investigated changes in the Antarctic Ice Sheet over time to better understand its future in our warming world. In addition to the exciting science, participants will learn what life is like at sea in one of the planet’s roughest and most treacherous marine environments with an international team of scientists, technicians, drillers, stewards, crew, and outreach personnel.

This offering is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.