After Graduation

An MAT graduate is awarded a sash during the graduation ceremony, as other faculty members look on.
Supporting alumni after they graduate is a significant part of our program. The program offers graduates 2 years of funded induction: formal, early-career professional development and support focused on classroom management and curriculum development.

Our graduates have deep knowledge of Earth and space science content and pedagogy, classroom experience, and an ongoing support network, anchored by a renowned research and educational institution.

Induction Support

During the Induction period, MAT alumni receive unique professional development and support opportunities. Alumni can expect educational workshops and occasional classroom visits from the Museum educators they’ve worked with. And alumni are paid an hourly stipend for every Induction activity in which they participate.

Monthly Meetups

Six alumni of the MAT program sit at a table and compare notes.

Once a month, your Induction leader and cohort meet at the Museum to hold a supportive discussion about your needs as a new educator. We find our graduates use this time to talk about lesson planning and classroom management, and to learn about new resources. Cohorts often spend time together after monthly meetups, socializing and catching up with their friends.

Classroom Visits

Classroom visits are an essential part of Induction. Induction leaders visit classrooms to observe and confer with alumni, offering support and advice focused on instruction, communicating with parents, and working with administrators and colleagues. Alumni in their first year as science teachers receive more frequent visits than those in their second year.

Teaching and Learning Activities

About once a month, we offer alumni professional development opportunities that range from events and workshops hosted by other Museum programs to trips on the Bronx River. Learn about some of this year’s events below:

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