SWRS Dining Hall

In the spring and fall, occasionally in the summer, non-researcher guests may stay at the Station and enjoy outstanding scenery, a multitude of wildlife, and great hiking trails.


Rooms are available for your stay here at SWRS. Please come and take your meals with other naturalists or researchers that use the Station in our dining hall. You may review our accommodations and prices here.

Call 520-558-2396 to book your reservation now.


The Seminar Room, Education Building, and laboratories are wired with ADSL (internet). We also have two computers available for guest use. Free wireless is available in most open areas around the Station such as the room porches, the reservoir, and at most picnic tables scattered around the grounds. Wireless may not be available in most rooms because of their construction. However, many guests are able to connect to the WiFi after opening a window or taking the device outside to connect, and bringing it back into the room. We do not guarantee the wireless connection will be available at all times. Heavy rains and other adverse conditions can sometimes interfere with the wireless. You are welcome to bring a laptop and use the wireless feed when it is available (about 90% of the time) in the areas mentioned above.


Cave Creek Canyon is home to hundreds of species of birds, as well as numerous mammals and reptiles. Click here for more information.

Hummingbird Monitoring Network (HMN)

From mid-April to mid-September the SWRS partners with the HMN and bands hummingbirds every two weeks. If you are interested in participating or just observing, please call 520-558-2396 for the days we will be banding this year.



The Coronado National Forest, which surrounds SWRS, is a hikers paradise. Several trails are accessible directly from the Station, while others can be reached within a short drive. Visitors who are lodging at the Station can request an early breakfast and sack lunch to accommodate a full day of hiking.

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SWRS Hiking

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