Interns and Volunteers

Interns and Volunteers are an important part of life at the Southwestern Research Station.

Young man working at table to pin moth specimans
Courtesy of Chris Grinter

Article Wildlife Wildlife at the Southwestern Research Station and surrounding area draws many to visit for study and recreational purposes. Article Birding Paradise See some of the most spectacular birds in the United States in the Chiricahua Mountains Cave Creek Canyon. Visitor Information Accommodations Lodging, meals, classroom and lab facilities are available for researchers and visitors to the Southwestern Research Station. Visitor Information Not all Research and Work There are many fun things to do at SWRS and the neighboring communities of Portal, Arizona and Rodeo, New Mexico ARTICLE | VIDEOS Beautiful Things Happen When Science Meets Art The research of scientist, Dr. Stacey Weiss, beautifully depicted in art books created by artist, Dorothy McCuistion. WEBINAR Forest Owls and Tree Hollows (program begins at 5:20) Earthwatch webinar on Forest Owls with Dr. Dave Oleyar, Director of Long-term monitoring and Community Science at Hawkwatch International. ARTICLE | RECORDINGS | VIDEO Spadefoots! Why Do They Matter? Plasticity! Learn and understand, listen and watch, with Spadefoot Researchers, Drs. David and Karin Pfennig. ARITCLE | PODCAST How do Mexican Jays Identify Which Nuts Are Worth Their Time and Trouble? Researchers Piotr Jablonski and Sangim Lee learned that the birds weigh them! ARTICLE | VIDEO Hummingbird Conservation Network: Rivoli's Hummingbird: Protect The Joy! Magnificent by any name, this extra-big and beautiful hummer, and its young, are frequently banded at SWRS by the Hummingbird Monitoring...