Interns and Volunteers

View of Cave Creek Canyon from Vista Point in Portal, Arizona. Rose Rothpletz

We have two types of volunteer programs available at the Station:

1. Intern -- Students interested in assisting with or conducting research:

This program offers students in biological sciences outstanding opportunities to observe and become involved with scientists conducting field research. Food, lodging, laundry facilities, and internet are provided to interns in exchange for 24 hours per week of routine chores necessary to the operation of the station, with their remaining time available for research activities. Interns conducting an independent research project, also need to submit a research application. Applications may be found on our Researchers page.

This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students whom are currently registered in, or have recently graduated from, or considering re-entering a degree seeking program in a biological sciences field of study. The program is open from March through October, however most research at the SWRS is carried out from May through the end of August, when the majority of scientists visit the Station. We encourage you to enter the program during this time period, as we cannot guarantee that there will be any researchers visiting during the spring and fall months. Time commitments to the program range from 6-8 weeks.

2. Volunteer --  Individuals interested in pursuing own interests:

This program offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders of the Chiricahua Mountains. Just a few minutes walk from the Station are hiking trails, creeks, and birding areas matched no where else in the United States. Food, lodging, laundry facilities and internet are provided to volunteers in exchange for 24 hours per week of routine chores, with the remaining time available for personal activities. 

The opportunity is available from 1 March - 30 June and 1 September - 31 October each year. Few researchers are at the Station this time of year, but the Station does host many birding groups and classes during the spring and fall months. Additionally, local companies/groups are known to host seminars, local hiking trips, bands and a plethora of other events during this time. Time commitments to the program range from 6-8 weeks.


We do not have a submission deadline; applications are accepted year-round. Please download and complete the appropriate application below, save the completed form to your computer, and send it as an attachment via email to Director Geoff Bender: Alternatively, you can print the completed application and fax it to 520-558-2018, or mail it directly to: 

Southwestern Research Station
Attn: Geoff Bender
P.O. Box 16553
Portal, AZ  85632 USA

Click on the appropriate link below to download the application.

     Students interested in assisting with or conducting research.


     Individuals interested in birding, hiking, and other nature adventures.