Facilities Description

Two photos. On the left is a rock stairway leading up to the laboratory facilities. On the right is the inside of an empty laboratory with tables.

SWRS has laboratories where scientists may set up bench-space to conduct their work.  Outdoor animal behavior enclosures are available, such as the Animal Behavior Observatory (ABO) and lizard pens. We also offer indoor animal holding facilities such as the Live Animal Holding Facility (LAHF), which contains four climate-controlled rooms and 2 screened-in, natural light/temperature porches on either end.

A technical equipment laboratory houses the following specialized equipment:

  • Chemical Ventilation Hood
  • Percival Environmental Chambers
  • Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Microtome
  • Dissecting Microscope (for use by courses and researchers)
  • Microscope slide warmer
  • Various scales and balances
  • Three drying ovens
  • Wild M3Z Dissecting scope with photographic tube
  • Intralux 6600 light source
  • Fiber optic lights
  • Microhematocrit Centrifuge IEC B
  • Electrophoresis Unit
  • Water Bath

The Conference/Social Room, Education Building, and laboratories are wired for internet. We also have a computer in the dining hall porch you may use. Wireless is available in most open areas around the Station such as the porches outside the rooms, the reservoir, and at most picnic tables scattered around the Station.We do not guarantee the wireless connection will be available at all times. Heavy rains and other adverse conditions can sometimes interfere with wireless capabilities. You are welcome to bring a laptop and use wireless when it is available (about 90% of the time) in the areas mentioned above.

Our small, special library has publications relating to all the major groups studied here and also houses regionally synoptic collections of birds, mammals, insects, arthropods, and an herbarium. 

These facilities are all available to scientists staying here. Non-registered scientists may access the library/collections area, however they must sign in at the office prior to doing so.