Light brown lizard with lighter longitudinal stripes on tree with red and white paint marks for scientific tracking Sceloporus virgatus - Striped Plateau Lizard
© Courtesy of Elizabeth George
Scientists from institutions across the country and around the world conduct research at SWRS.

Fields of interest include entomology, herpetology, ornithology, mammalogy, botany, geology, arachnology, animal behavior, population genetics, microbial interactions, and physiological ecology. 

Numerous long-term studies are in progress, including: communal breeding in Mexican jays, evolution of unisexual parthenogenetic lizards, spadefoot toad reproduction, hummingbird physiology, horned lizard ecology and behavior, sexual selection and behavior in striped plateau lizards, and the evolution of social behaviors in ants. 

Are you a scientist interested in conducting research at SWRS? To apply:

  • Contact Geoff Bender to discuss your application and reserve lodging.
  • Obtain all necessary permits before you arrive. Unsure of which permits you need? Download our handy permit flow chart!
  • Submit a completed live vertebrate affidavit if working with vertebrates.

Plan ahead! Reservations for summer housing fill up fast.

Plastic bins holding lizards on a work table with multi-color lids under heat lamps. Courtesy of A. Ebersole  
Young man and woman sitting on the ground with a variety of supplies for their field work surrounding them. Images Courtesy of A. Ebersole and S. Weiss