Our Wildlife

Face of a mammal with brown head, white around eyes and on snout up in a tree Nasua narica - White-nosed Coatimundi
© Courtesy of Laura Paulson

Perhaps you come seeking to pad your birding life list with specialties like Elegant Trogon, Blue-throated Mountain-gem, and Mexican Chickadee, or you hope to glimpse a band of White-nosed Coatis waving long tails as they disappear into vegetation, or to witness a nursing "red" among a squadron of Collared Peccories. Maybe you want to study the fantastic array of reptile, amphibian, bat or insect species found here. Whatever your reason, wildlife biodiversity is one of the top reasons to visit the Station, and both its mountain and desert basin surrounds. Below is a small selection of the vast array of species who make their home near us.


Small round quail with harlequin facial markings and spotted belly, standing in leaf litter Cyrtonyx montezumae - Montezuma Quail
© Courtesy of Steve Wolfe
Small brown owl with yellow eyes standing on branch with spines. Micrathene whitneyi - Elf Owl
© Courtesy of A.R. Donaldson

Reptiles and Amphibians

close up of slender olive green snake head and upper body against black background Senticolis triaspis - Green Rat Snake
© Courtesy of Carol Comeau
Close up of head of bulky, black lizard with pink splotches with tongue sticking out Heloderma suspectum - Gila Monster
© Courtesy of Raymond A. Mendez 


Brown furry mammal with white markings and a long nose in a tree Nasua narica - White-nosed Coati
© Courtesy of Steve Wolfe
Finely spotted wild cat with short tail standing on tree stump. Lynx rufus - Bobcat
© Courtesy of Steve Wolfe


Praying Mantis with wings spread and front legs held up in a defensive posture Stagmomantis limbata - Arizona or Bordered Mantis
© Courtesy of Raymond A. Mendez 
Blue butterfly with darker forewing and lighter hindwing with white spots on yellow flowers Battus philenor - Pipevine Swallowtail
© Courtesy of Carol Comeau