Lovely bird with blue-green back, gray wings, red belly, yellow bill and distinct eye ring at nest hole in sycamore tree Courtesy of L. Paulson
The Southwestern Research Station is located in the heart of the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains and is famous for its close proximity to nesting Elegant Trogons, a large diversity of hummingbirds, and other spectacular bird migrants from Central and South America.

Enjoy comfortable accommodations, cafeteria dining, our hummingbird area and nature shop, and a multitude of hiking trails within walking distance or a short drive.

Birders, naturalists and other non-researchers may make reservations after November 1 for the following spring (March 1–June 15) and fall (September 1–October 31.) Last minute limited space (within two weeks) may also be available in the summer but this is our busiest time for research and courses.

All rates include three full meals (vegetarian and no red meat options available) in our cafeteria where you have the opportunity to chat with other visitors and share birding experiences. On those days you wish to travel to more distant areas to bird watch, you can enjoy an early cold breakfast, and pack a sack lunch with 24 hour advance notification.

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Guided Package Bird Tours are also available! 

For more information on our facility or to make a reservation call 520-558-2396 or email [email protected]