About SWRS

The Station welcomes scientists and advanced students from all parts of the country and abroad to carry out their research projects. 
SWRS About

The Southwestern Research Station (SWRS) is a year-round field station under the direction of the Science Department at the American Museum of Natural History (New York, NY). Since 1955, it has served biologists, geologists, and anthropologists interested in studying the diverse environments and biotas of the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona.

Researchers live in comfortable cabins or dorm rooms provided with linens and blankets, and take their meals (cafeteria-style) in the pleasant atmosphere of a common dining room. The Main House contains our dining room, computers and public phone in the dining hall porch, and the Social Room with a fireplace. Outside is a large reservoir available for swimming on occasion, volleyball court, and horseshoe pit. The area is laced with trails for hiking and climbing among spectacular scenery.

The Station is open year-round, but scientists must cook for themselves from early November through the end of February. Facilities in the Osborn Memorial Laboratory complex include a library, insect collection, herbarium, vertebrate collections, etc. Completed in 1992, the Technical Equipment Laboratory provides excellent microscopic facilities, constant temperature chambers, chemical hood, precision balances, centrifuges, etc. Outdoor animal pens and an Animal Behavior Observatory offer outstanding facilities for behavioral ecology studies.

Classes from colleges and universities are welcome to use the Station. Amateur naturalists and bird watchers are also accommodated when space is available.

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Internet Access

The Seminar Room, Education Building, and laboratories are wired with Fiber Optic internet. Wireless internet can be accessed throughout the Station. We do not guarantee the wireless connection will be available at all times. Heavy rains and other adverse conditions can sometimes interfere with the wireless. You are welcome to bring a laptop and use wireless when it is available. We also have two computers available for guest use if a personal laptop is not packed along.